WinCC Advanced Course

WinCC Advanced course aims to enhance user knowledge of SIMATIC WinCC program and how to handle as a multi-user system.  Moreover, the course illustrates how to obtain information from the WinCC archive (database) using filters/options to execute various applications (ERP/MES).


Overall, the course will enhance skills including operating on the Engineering Station and efficient configuration. Along with introduction to automatic configuration and further WinCC options.

Understand WinCC as a multi-user system.


Practical Exercises

  • Introduction to Visual Basic Script (VBS actions and VBS object structures)

  • Introduction to ANSI-C

  • Introduction to WinCC-Database (value archiving)

  • Introduction to Networking (network-classes and subnetting)

  • Introduction to Central Archive Server (CAS)

  • Communication, OPC, WinCC-Option Connectivity Pack/Station, IndustrialDataBridge

  • Overview of WinCC-Options for FDA

  • Overview of WinCC-Options: SIMATIC Maintenance Station, ProAgent, DownTimeMonitor, ProcessMonitor, SIMATIC Batch (for WinCC), ODK, IndustrialX

  • WinCC-Server, WinCC-Client without and with project

  • WinCC Option Redundancy

  • Time synchronization ( Client/Server, Redundancy)

  • WinCC Web-Options Web Navigator

  • WinCC Web-Option DataMonitor

  • Database options Connectivity Pack

  • Database option IndustrialDataBridge

  • Efficient configuring: Configuration Tool, CrossReference, Diagnostic Tools, Engineering Station

  • VBA for automatic configuration in Graphics Designer

Training Methodology

• Theory
• Practice


• 5 days (10 AM-5PM)

Fees per Participant

• 5,750 AED +VAT

Contact & Registration 

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