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The Story of a Flour Mill !!

In ASM, we had focused always in our Food & Beverage Sector, from Silos, Sugar or Crops, Feed or Flour Mills until Final Products ... This month story is about the upgrade of Existing Automated Flour Mill, to the latest automation system from Siemens PCS7 based on our Library and Know-How of Flour Milling ...

We have upgraded a 600 T/day mill automation system, including all sections:

(Wheat receiving – 1st Cleaning - 2nd Tempering - Milling - Bulk load-out & Bagging lines)

As we are Siemens solution partner with the know-how of flour mills, therefore the Automation system is running on Siemens APF engineering tool. The APF developed for the food and beverage industry as well as the chemical industry contains the following modules:

Material management including material batch management

Where all materials are defined and classified into classes.

Parameter management

providing central management of production parameters

Order management

Where jobs are called, executed, and modified.

Storage location management

Ability to define the storage locations and its characteristic, such as capacity.

with excellent web-server reporting feature that can be viewed anywhere at anytime. The use of ASM Hercules system can make it your production actions immediately and on the spot without a single delay ... see below how is the reporting is viewed and directly from web without any software is needed to be installed!!

System consists of the following :

  1. Redundant Siemens PLC S7-410-5H. The CPU 410-5H is a controller specially designed for process automation which is versatile in use. With robust, high performance hardware, it covers the entire performance spectrum of the AS 412 to AS 417 complementary systems.

  2. Redundant Siemens OS Server for operation and visualization.

  3. 7x clients distributed throughout the plant for operators in different sections.

  4. Reporting system with ASM Hercules server to show all jobs details, from anywhere at anytime is needed.

The system is now running since 3yrs under ASM Flour Mill Library and Siemens Open system where it's fully operational 24hrs to produce 600tons of flour daily ...

for more info. or details, feel free to contact or

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