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Remote Working (SMART)

At early stages, we used to say that we SCADA consist running your PLANT with PLC, Remote I/Os, MCCs and Operator Stations ...

With SCADA nowadays are very good to operate PLANTS and minimize downtimes. However, the new RECIPE is to make a successful product and adopt with respect to the market and this is what we call "REAL TIME ANALYSES" ...

Why it's that important? the ability to have updates immediately from the machine to the concern dept. is called "MAGIC" , things can get quite interesting. The marketing team, will know the production, The logistics will know delivery plans and accounts will have an overview of the cost. End of the day MNGT. will be able to decide and act accordingly.

We are changing the MARKET NEEDS; we are not only focusing on upgrading PLANTS or PUTTING our SCADA based on OPEN STANDARD SOFTWARE from Siemens Industry. We are now going byond operation and sending or receiving info. from ERP system to PLANT. Reports can be generated by the system and sent to the concern dept. The way they need it to look like, For Logistics with Delivery; for marketing with PRODUCTIONS, for accounting with PRICES and so on....

Look at it from all aspects;

  1. 1. SCADA Operations

  2. 2. Reporting

  3. 3. Maintenance Planning

  4. 4. Real Time Analysis

So, basically it's not only to automate the PLANTS and rather than automate the full circle in order to follow the market needs as soon as possible. Efficiency is the key factor nowadays and with our solution; you will be synchronized from anywhere. Access Data from Tablet or Mobile or Even inside your office is the same using our CLOUD SECURITY Solution.

You will not need any more your own TOOLS to work. Everything will be cloud and via WEB PORTAL. So, there will be no need to install any software.

Everything is granted via web and can be used as if you are near your PLANT. This is our new key factor and we will be happy to show you a small demo of it. Anywhere you prefer; either online or by visiting you ....

Welcome to #ASM


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