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ASM (ibaGulf) strength in Vibration Analysis

For the past many decades, Vibration analysis of industrial machinery has been around, but gained prominence with the introduction and widespread use of the personal computer. Vibration Analysis refers to the process of measuring the vibration levels and frequencies of industrial machinery, and using that information to determine the “health” of the machine, and its components.

The use of vibration analysis can determine problems caused due to improper installation, machining errors, insufficient lubrication, improper shaft or sheave alignment, loose bolting, bent shafts, and much more. It can, in most cases, detect these problems long before the damage can be seen by maintenance, and long before it damages other machine components.

The use of vibration analysis, condition monitoring, or predictive maintenance has made great strides increasing the usable life of machinery.

At ASM, we fully comprehended this impressive technology and integrated one of the leaders in this field (iba-AG) to our clients here in the region. The iba system offers you coordinated tools for vibration monitoring and analysis combined with process data through Real Time Vibration Monitoring and Offline Vibration Analysis

iba-System for real time vibration monitoring

iba-System for offline vibration analysis

Along with this analysis comes a spectrum of products that facilitate and enhance this experience.


With ibaInSpectra, any vibrations are monitored continuously and possible error sources can be detected in an early stage. As ibaInSpectra is integrated in ibaPDA, not only pure vibration analysis can be done, but also possible relations between vibrational effects and process behavior can be determined.

- Real-time analysis of vibrations

- Technology module for ibaPDA and ibaAnalyzer

- Wide connectivity

- Comprehensive configuration options

- Calculation profile for multiple use

- Visualization according to requirements

- Alarming in case exceeded limit values

- Correlation of vibration and process data

- Expert modules for frequency spectrum and orbit monitoring

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